Hidden [ Thrifted ] Gems #2

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

this past weekend i went home for a "welcome home, have a safe trip" party for one of my friends from high school.  he was home for the week after graduating Army Ranger school, and then headed back on sunday to washington where he is stationed, and will be deployed to Afghanistan the beginning of september.  Please pray for his safety, and continued peace and strength for his girlfriend during this incredibly hard time! 

i was apparently a little preoccupied visiting with friends and family to take any decent pictures.  i swear i tried though!  but then i kept forgetting my camera...

...but anyways... i persuaded the boy to take me around to all our favorite hometown thrift stores since he was my ride for the weekend.  and i ended up with these darling little vintage vases from Salvation Army.  they had at least 30 different ones.  i probably could have found 5 matching among all of them, but instead went with this quirky collection.  and at 15 cents a piece it was hard to stop at just 5!

i just love the quaintness of them... so simple!

have you guys had any great thrift store finds lately? any tips on finding the perfect hidden gem?

on a side note: i was offered a job today at the art gallery that i'm doing my internship!  {{i'm really pumped}}  it's not permanent... but it's something!

3 thoughts:

  1. SO pretty! I love the way they look on your windowsill; very dreamy. You're blog is really sweet. Happy I stumbled upon it!


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