20 Questions [ Answered ]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

i got this questionnaire from Bethany @ Red Robe designs, just too perfect!

1. Were you named after anyone? 
um... the crazy girl from The Breakfast Club, Ally Sheedy.  (but not because of that specific role... I think. my parents just liked her name :)
2. Do you like your own handwriting? 
yeah, i love it.  i get really particular about my writing, and mix up my style every year or so.
3. What would your superpower be if you could choose one? 
photographic memory... it would make painting things way easier.
4.  Are you an Optimist or Pessimist? 
if you ask my boyfriend, i'm a complete pessimist.  i think i'm just a realist.  but since blogging, i've definitely started to look on the brighter side of things.
5.  What do you collect? 
mason jars. i want to have amassed a large enough assortment to use them for my centerpieces at my wedding (one day :) and old books so i will one day have a brilliant library in my dream farmhouse.
6. What movie would your friends be surprised that you like? 
since we have no tv, i have been branching way out into my boy's movie collection... and don't tell him (because then we will watch it way too much), but i do kinda enjoy Lord of the Rings.
7. What are your favorite smells? 
clean, fresh.  but not soapy. and nothing food related, except for coffee.
8. Coffee or Tea? 
 i enjoy tea more, but need the caffeine boost of coffee. iced. always.
9. Wine or Beer? 
beer.  wine gives me the worst hangover.
10. What is the best thing you've ever eaten? (Where?)  
oh, wow. i've never really thought about it... but probably anywhere with fresh, steamed MD crabs (AND apple cider vinegar to dip it in)
11. Mac or PC? 
Mac. definitely.
12.  What are you listening to right now? 
the ambient hustle and bustle of starbucks.  latin music and chit chat.
13. What career would you pursue in another life? 
cake decorator or calligrapher.
14.  What sound or noise do you love? 
15. What sound or noise do you hate? static on the radio
16.  Mountains or the beach?
that's a tough one... the mountains are my lifelong home, and the beach is my home... for now.  i think i gotta take the mountains, they are beautiful all year round, and i LOVE the rolling hills.
17. Cook or Bake?
cook.  i'm more in control that way.  i feel so helpless once i stick anything in the oven and just hope for the best.
18. Do you go to restaurants and movies by yourself?
i never have, but i've always wanted to be one of those confident and content women who do.
19. What is your favorite fairy tale?
20. What would you tell the 13 year old you?
be thankful for being so awkwardly skinny, but don't hold your breath for any boobs, 8 years later you'll still be waiting  && your crush may not notice you now, but in a few years he'll come around, and then 5 years later, you'll still be together ;)

tomorrow is our last day of camp, and i can not believe this summer is almost over!  tomorrow night me and the boy are leaving straight from work for the beach with his family for a few days, and i don't think i have ever looked forward to a vacation more.  (i guess that's what happens in the real world working a full-time job).

i'm hoping to post tomorrow, but if not, have a magical weekend!

4 thoughts:

  1. awww you're such a cutie : ) I was definitely an awkwardly skinny 13-year-old too. Ughh...wine gives me the. worst. hangover. I feel you on that one.

  2. love all the questions answered. its so neat you were named after the girl form the breakfast club. my parents wanted a wholesome name which is how i am named Erika :)

  3. i loved this! its so much fun to learn more about your favorite bloggers! i just did something similar on my blog today :)

  4. aw how fun is this! and i love mason jars - they are so pretty for anything.


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