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Friday, August 5, 2011

i've spent the past four years of college attempting to figure out what i want to be when i grow up.  i've always had a plan, always looking ahead to my future.  i started looking at colleges in 7th grade (no joke), picking out my future dream houses, and planning my career and businesses (i had a killer pet sitting company when i was 10 :) for as long as i can remember, and suddenly,

its as if i woke up this morning,and my future is here.

today. tomorrow. now.

my internship will be ending next week, and i am being thrown into the real world, starting my career. i have prayed, and prayed, asking for guidance as i decide what i want to do, and finally i have realized it. i just want to be an a r t i s t.  a real, full-time, starving artist.  its weird to say out loud... "what do you do?", "oh me? i'm an artist :)" but i have made the decision that as of next week i will be, an artist. i will be working part-time to cover my living expenses and then painting as much as i possibly can.  and i can hardly wait!  it just feels right.  who knows if i will really be able to make a living, but i sure as heck am going to give it a shot.  YIKES.  as i type this i feel the bit of anxiety slipping into my stomach... but for now its mostly being drown out by shear excitement.

this is what i was meant to do.... i think.  i'm continuing to pray for guidance, grace, confidence, and a bit of luck along the way. && i will be opening my online shop September 1st.  (I'm making you guys hold me accountable for this date! ha)

i am just so grateful for the chance to be surviving living my dream, and thankful for you for coming along with me on this journey:)

8 thoughts:

  1. I think taking this first step and admitting is awesome. If God is leading you to this then be proud and do what He has called you to do. HUgs :O)

  2. I have recently become aware of the fact that real people with real lives make decisions to take a risk and go for their dreams-and I think there's nothing braver. Believe in yourself and God's plan and go for it! Best of luck!

  3. im sure you will be fantastic....go get'em girl!

  4. Good for you for going after what you REALLY want in life! I just love your blog and look forward to more posts from you and seeing where God takes you!

  5. just found your blog, hun and it's lovely!!


  6. I'm so happy to know that there is someone who feels the same way! My internship is on the verge of ending...and I've come to realize that working a 9-5 job in a cubicle just might not be for me.

    I just feel like I don't have to fit that expectation of working a regular job. It doesn't feel right to me. Being an artist might be hard, but it just feels right.

    Good luck with everything!

  7. I'm late saying this, but huge congratulations! I went to school for interior design and just recently decided to pursue art as well. I can relate with you on how scary and exciting it is!


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