[ Crafternoon (#1) ] : DIY Wrap Bracelet

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i forgot to mention that this weekend, on top of all the fun and relaxation i was already having, i also shared in a beautiful crafternoon creating with two friends from work.  i've never been a big "crafter" but i think that will be changing very soon :)  i set out to make my very own wrap bracelet.  my mom had gotten me one for graduation, and i absolutely love it.  it's so me... simple, organic, versatile.  they are suddenly all the rage, and i didn't even realize it.

here's the one i made:

i had originally intended for it to wrap around three times, but cut my thread to short and had to settle for only two.  but i still LOVE it!

materials needed:
- approx. 6 mm beads (you can choose different sizes but smaller ones will take longer since you have to use more for the same length bracelet, and larger beads start to get heavy)
- leather cord (measure your wrist, and multiply that length by however many times you want it to wrap around [i.e. 7 in wrist x 3 = 21 in] and then add a few extra inches so you can knot it at the end)
- thread (about 5 yds long)
- needle
- a button, charm, or washer to use for the clasp
- scissors
- something to anchor the bracelet on while you're working on it (i.e. clipboard, tape to a table, etc.)

1.  fold the leather cord in half, and tie loop in the middle. (make sure there are equal lengths of cord on boths sides) make sure your loop is large enough to fit your button or charm through it snugly.
2.  thread the needle with the thread, once the thread is through, tie the ends of the threads together, and move the needle to the middle of the thread, so that there are equal lengths on each side)
3. tie the knotted end of the thread to the knotted loop of the leather cord.
4. attach the loop to a secure location (clipboard, taped to table, etc)
5. with a figure-8 pattern, wrap (tightly) the thread over and under the two pieces of leather cord beneath the knotted loop 3 or 4 times, to secure the cord and begin with a solid foundation.
6. Now you are ready to start adding beads. After your thread has passed UNDER the left leather, add a bead. Hold the bead between the two strands of leather, and stitch the thread OVER the right, back UNDER the right,  THROUGH the bead hole again and OVER the left.  Bring the thread UNDER the left and add another bead in the middle. Repeat many many times! Keep the beads pulled in snugly against the leather. Pay attention so that your stitches all face the same way. If your thread seems to snag a lot, use a bit of thread conditioner or beeswax on it. ( from Rings & Things blog )
7.  When you are finished and have achieved your desired length, repeat step 5.  and then knot the the thread and leather cord.
8. attach your charm or button by knotting the leather cord around/through it.
9.  and TA-DAH! you are now the proud owner of a beautiful wrap bracelet!

it's really simple to do... not so simple to explain :) i followed the directions and pictures from ( from Rings & Things blog) they have step-by-step instructions which helped a lot.  (i got too busy chit-chatting with my girlfriends to take pictures at each step)

i want to do more DIY posts, and am learning each attempt to take more pictures and how to explain things the simplest, so thanks for hanging in there with me!

do you have any DIY requests?  i love any good excuse to have a crafternoon with friends :)

happy tuesday!

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  1. that is really cute! i think i might have to try it!


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