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Monday, July 18, 2011

 we stayed home this weekend (thankfully) and spent the days recharging, harry potter-ing, yard sale-ing, and shootin' some things... more on that later :)

it seems like every weekend lately we have been driving to our hometown (nearly 3 hours away) for one thing or another, so it was really refreshing to be able to sleep in, and not spend the day traveling in my car (that has no a/c).  even though we love being able to spend time with our families, so much traveling and activity doesn't always feel exactly like the break we have been looking forward to all work week.

this weekend...

i got my haircut FINALLY on friday!  i was afraid my hair was bordering on the grossly-long stage, so it was in desperate need of a shape-up.  and its still ridiculously long.  i'm thinking about waiting another month or two, and then giving a big heev-ho for Locks of Love. EEK!

we also went and saw Harry Potter 7.2! i won't spoil it for anyone and give away any details, but in my eyes, it was absolute perfection :)

our neighbor, capturing Mark in the zone, ready to take out some milk jugs :)

and now to explain the last few pics in this series...

it really wouldn't be Southern MD if some .22's weren't involved ;)
to release some stress from the work week, our neighbors like to set up targets from the back porch of the main house, and go to town.  i've never witnessed this weekly phenomenon until now, but i've gotta say, i totally understand.  there's just something about blowing stuff up (well not really, since a .22 is a pretty small rifle) that really does allow you to get your frustration out.

SAFETY FIRST, ALWAYS, and no animals (or humans) were harmed in the process :)

next weekend we will probably on the go again (i think we are planning on going to Easton, MD for the Plein-Air Festival, which i am SUPER excited about! can't wait to post pics!) so i really cherished staying put all weekend.  hope everyone had a great weekend, too, and are ready to face this week head on! i'm not quite sure if i am, but i'm hanging in there :)

3 thoughts:

  1. Hi Allie,
    Love the doo! It looks really good! I love it longggg! You haven't had short hair since the second grade so think twice before you make the big move.
    Love, Mom

  2. i know! but the minimum is 8 inches, and if i let it grow another inch or two, itll still be pretty long after the big chop.

    i'll probably chicken out though.

  3. That house is incredible! I must know more details!


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