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Thursday, July 21, 2011

the past few weeks i have been absolutely in awe of clouds.  it may be because we live near the water, but the clouds down here have been just out of this world.  i've written this before but i often feel most in touch with god, and amazed by his hand as the ultimate artist when i look up to the sky.

for this week's Inspiration Workshop with Gussy Sews i have a few photos i've taken recently for inspiration, followed by a series of cloud paintings i'm currently working on.

(the bottom right image is unrelated, just sharing my latest commissioned piece :)

this weekend i am competing in a "Quick Draw" competition for artists under the age of 25 at a Plein Air festival.  i'm so excited, and equally nervous.  both competing and plein-air is relatively brand new for me.  i will have 30 minutes to find a location within the city limits to set up my easel, and then 4 hours to paint my heart out.  once i'm finished,  the other artists and myself will set up our paintings for sale.  so i potentially have the opportunity to win a cash award, and sell my work. i really have no idea what to expect, but im hoping for a great experience, and the chance to meet some really talented maryland artists. please pray for me!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

3 thoughts:

  1. Visiting from Gussy Sews. I love your cloud canvases and the other piece you shared!!

    Good luck in your competition!!

  2. Those cloud canvasses are beautiful! Is your shop open yet? (:

  3. Prayers for you in the competition this weekend. God is amazing and has created quite an amazing "painting" on this canvas we call Earth!...and space :)
    The cloud prints are especially great if you don't have a lot of windows...put those on the wall and you can have a sunshiney day every day!...or in a nursery and I can imagine a hot air balloon suspended from the ceiling directly in front of them :)
    Love, Mom


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