Hidden [ Thrifted ] Gems

Sunday, July 17, 2011

i've decided to start a new weekly blog post: hidden gems, from my thrifting and yard sale adventures.  i LOVE to yard sale and thrift, and am now even more excited because i will have an excuse to give my bf as to why we just have to go every weekend.

this weekend was EPIC.  i stumbled upon a vintage suitcase at our a thrift store in town, or so i thought... it turned out to be a 1956ish Singer sewing machine, complete with every extra and attachment possible.  i got it for $10... found a really similar item on ebay, BIN price for $475!! who knows if i will really be able to sell it for that much, but either way, i am now the proud owner of an awesome WORKING sewing machine :)

i also found a  fellow former art student having a yard sale, and got some pretty cool art history books, and a tripod for FREE. not quite as exciting as the sewing machine though.

hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! i'm not sure if i'm quite ready for it to be monday yet :)

p.s. i'm not completely satisfied with the title, "Hidden Gems," maybe a little too cliche... anyone have any more clever ideas?

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