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Friday, July 15, 2011

i am exhausted. i do not know why.  i am usually so excited for the weekend on fridays, that i can at least temporarily fight off any tiredness. but today for some reason my mind is a pile of mush and i know that if i shut my eyes this instant i could easily doze off for an hour or two.  moms and teachers... you guys are my heros.  these kids have worn me out.

i've started to write this post about 5 times... each time hitting a wall, unsure of what i want to say.  so instead, i have just given up on the words, and have decided to share just a few snapshots of my week...

i've been obsessed with the sky lately... its where i am most in awe and feel so in touch with God's work.  so much so, that i'm currently working on a series of plein-air inspired "atmosphere" paintings. i have made sure to keep my camera near by... which means many sudden stops along the side of the road :)

maybe/hopefully tomorrow i will have something much more enlightening and brilliant to say :)

any secrets for staying motivated/energetic?? i'm all ears.  
 (i'm chugging a coffee as i type this... my 3rd one today)

happy friday!

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