A [ Sunday ] Stroll

Sunday, June 19, 2011

a (cloudy) sunday stroll around my farm.  

i've been home by myself the past three days, as my bf is soaking up the sun down at his family's beach house in nc until wednesday.  meanwhile, i'm here... 
i do miss him, and wish i could be with him and his family... but when i'm living in a place like this, i really can't complain.  

the past few days have consisted of an endless chick-flick movie marathon (watching every single movie we have that my bf never wants to watch), painting, and an at-home mani/pedi.

i'll be hanging low for the rest of the day, getting dinner with a friend, and then preparing myself for the craziness of tomorrow: first day of art camp! and meeting 60 new little faces, wish me luck!

hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and are having an amazing father's day!  i wish i could be home to celebrate it with my dad!

p.s. i'm still holding tight onto my goal to reach 100 followers by july! almost a third of the way there, will you help me?! and if you already are a follower, will you spread the word? thanks!!

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