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Friday, June 17, 2011


after. (two weeks later, many more to go :)
&& our little herb garden:

my boyfriend is an aspiring organic farmer, so living as green (and organically) as possible is very near and dear to our hearts.  this summer, with our first house (or, in our case, barn :) comes our first garden.  it's humble beginnings, and pretty poor soil, but i have big hopes for this little garden of ours.  i've never been too big into gardening/farming, always leaving that up to the bf, but after putting so much sweat and hard work into this tiny plot of land, a certain sense of pride and inspiration has definitely come over me.  it's right next to our front door, and is the perfect way to be welcomed home after a day of work and be able to admire  our efforts.

- basil
- lavendar
- sage
- parsley
- cilantro

fruits & veggies:
- tomatoes
- green peppers
- jalepeno peppers
- squash
- zucchini
- cucumbers

a few little organic tips:
-  instead of spraying for weeds, we laid newspaper
and grass clipping to use as mulch
- for animal control, we fenced in most of the garden,
and are using an organic deer repellent made of rosemary oil
and other natural ingredients
- for fertilizer, we used organic decomposed chicken poop
(from my bf's farm)
[ my next goal is to begin a worm compost pile ]

this garden has also taught me patience, and began to put an end to my overwhelming need for instant gratification... i am now patiently waiting for these little plants of ours to grow, and provide us food.  i can't wait to be able to start cooking some fresh summer dishes (and of course share the recipes with you! :)

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, Loves!

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  1. love this! so inspirational. my fiance has a little garden at his house and it's made me want to pot little herbs.

    happy weekend!!!!


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