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Monday, June 20, 2011

I finally got my studio space set up in our apartment! (&& learned that the barn we live in used to be the farm owner's own studio, which now makes total sense with the gorgeous windows)

I'm currently working on a piece for my cousin's "big girl room"... 2 canvases, 24" x 36" that I'm doing an abstracted, more painterly version of her bedding print.  There's still a long way to go, with multiple layers of glazes (the last picture is just the 1st layer) but it's taking FOREVER to dry...

I decided to try a new thinner... I usually use Gamblin's Gamesol, but I ran to Michaels in desperate need and not enough time to order it online and ended up with "Natural Turpenoid".  I try to be as eco-conscious as possible (especially working with oil paint) but so far, I'm not a huge fan... I guess its meant to only be used as a brush cleaner, and not paint thinner, so I'm thinking thats probably why my paint is still sticky, 2 days later.  Has anyone used it before? 

What projects are you guys working on? I'm always so intrigued to see studios... its such a personal, particular space for each artist.

p.s. I'm currently on my break from my first day of camp, and so far, so good!  Lots of kids, lots of craziness, but its definitely not boring!

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