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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm house/pet sitting for the night, so will have internet (and TV) ALL night long!  I almost don't know what to do with myself...

First exciting news, check out my GORGEOUS new blog button the beautiful Casey Wiegand made for me :)

It's only been a few weeks since I graduated, and just one week since I've moved in with my boyfriend... which is a HUGE step for us (and our families) even though it is most likely just temporary for the summer, and yet oddly, doesn't seem that weird at all.  I guess 3 years of college together is a pretty good adjustment period...

I always thought I would be married before I would live with someone... but we just aren't quite there yet, and it made the most sense financially to be able to share living costs.  For the most part it's been pretty fantastic... I don't want to brag, but I think we are pretty great at communicating and talking about any little issues before they become bigger deals.  (i.e. please share the space on the drying rack so my towel isn't all crumbled up and gets mildewy, and let's share the responsibility of doing the dishes :) 

So far, post-college life, for me, means...

- suddenly a lot more physical labor (I wasn't quite expecting this one, but it seems that with real life comes harder, dirtier work... this weekend we started to weed and hand plow the beginnings of our little garden)
- taking off all the "Used" labels off my books, and realizing that over the course of 4 years of study, I've accumulated a pretty impressive library.
- becoming painfully more aware of my finances (we are writing down EVERY, SINGLE time we spend money which is hopefully keeping us more accountable of our spending choices).
- going to bed before 10 pm... just from shear exhaustion.
- no longer having 4-day weekends... but appreciating the 2-day ones that we have WAY more, and making the most of every free moment.
Our Friday night, down at the river
- having the highlight of my week be finding the treasure of all antique treasures in 3 gorgeous windsor chairs to semi-complete our kitchen table (which means no more sitting on rolling desk chairs, and fold-up beach lounge) and then realizing even during college this would have still been the highlight of my week :) 
 Our table was made by my bf's grandfather from the haul of an old boat, and the chairs compliment it so perfectly!)

For those who have already experienced this part of your life, do you have any must-know advice?  
I'm all ears (and eyes :)!

And for those going through this transition right along side of me, just enjoy it!  I compared it the other day to skiing (which I am petrified of)... but instead of looking at the entire mountain in front of you, just focus on the few feet surrounding you and take it piece by piece, going as slow as you need too...  So right now, I'm just looking at the summer in front of me, and who knows what will happen after that...

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  1. you are so right. just take it a day at a time, girl. and there is a part of you that you need to remember to savor 'cause life doesn't get less busier or easier. and that wasn't to discourage you - i think these moments of transition def. help make us stronger, better people as we keep on going. might as well enjoy the ride! :)


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