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Monday, June 6, 2011

I sometimes can't believe I got so lucky to live in such a beautiful place... I am truly blessed.

This weekend I spent some time practicing my photography... I still feel way more comfortable with a brush in hand, instead of a camera... but it's pretty hard to not be inspired, and encouraged,  by such beauty.

On a side note... without cable and internet at home, and piles of homework, I've had way more time to read just for fun.  I've kinda forgotten what it feels like to read, just to read, and not because I have to write a paper about it or be quizzed.

  and I've already finished nearly all of my "for fun" reading books... I'm so desperate for new reading, I'm tempted to move on to my Byzantium art history textbook (yikes!)  I'm a regular at our local used book and thrift stores, but I'm looking for more...  and then it hit me!  I need a "Sisterhood of the Traveling Books"!  Where we can trade and pass along our favorite reads, minus the cost of buying new!  

I still have to look into logistics (i.e. cost of shipping) but its gotta be cheaper, and I would love to get your personal reading suggestions.  Anyone who is interested in joining me, comment below, or e-mail me, and we can get this thing started!  p.s. especially anyone who happens to have The Help! (i'll trade you my Water for Elephants :)

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Monday! 

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