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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer's here!  Bring on the brights! (.... well, sorta) I'm not sure if I would completely classify me as a chromaphobe, but i definitely have an aversion to bright colors.  i'm all about the subtlety in the barely theres, the complexity in each shade of white and gray... but for summer i'm trying to break out of this box, and be inspired by the colors around... lot's of pool water and lemonade :)

I recently made my very FIRST Etsy purchase from the beautiful Ilene, from Much Love Illy, and ever since its like i've been bit by the handmade bug, and can't stop!  as my wish list grows, and my bank account dwindles i've decided to share my obsessions with you... i suppose admitting i have a problem is the first step;)

here are a few of my favorites... fitting in perfectly with my favorite summer palette :)

what are your favorite colors for summer? 
 and your favorite etsy artists (yes, this means you are enabling my addiction, but i love me some handmade :)

2 thoughts:

  1. eeeeekkk thanks for showing some love to My lil corner of art on etsy!!! you, my friend, totally rock <3

    Girl I totally hear ya on the dwindling bank account and my ever growing "likes" on etsy...its ok though, one day we will win lotto, right? (right)

    Leonora :)

  2. oh and PS-you wont regret your much love, illy order. I own like 5 of her stuff--NOT over exaggerating ha (see? Obsessed as well)


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