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Friday, May 6, 2011

So... approximately twenty minutes ago I walked out of my last college class, my last final, EVER.

I am done.

Not finished, I suppose, since I don't really know where my life will take me... grad school? possibly.  But for now I am done.  Laying on my deck, in my bikini, despite it only being 70 degrees and partly cloudy, because I am determined to get tan, hopeful for the those few seconds of sun that peeks through the clouds...

This is a surreal feeling... one that hasn't quite set in .  I have a week left to enjoy college before graduation... maybe then it will finally hit me, or maybe when my lease ends at the end of May as I pack up my house...

But for the moment, I am content.  Letting this all soak in.

 Trying my best to not think of this next stage as life altering change (one of my greatest fears), but simply possibilities.  A world and life full of endless opportunities....

With all this on my mind, I was incredibly saddened this morning when I learned of the very unexpected passing of a friend's mom.  My heart yearns for him and his family, as they now face this incredible journey without her... Mother's Day, his graduation... all just days away.  I pray for their peace, and hope that they can find strength and joy celebrating her life.  I know it is cliche for me to say how fragile life is, and how with every passing, it makes me more appreciative of my own loved ones... but really... it does.

Cherish and celebrate those you love... for they will always be {on my heart}.


2 thoughts:

  1. CONGRATS!! This is such a great feeling. I just finished in December and it was a WONDERFUL feeling to be done.

  2. Blessings in all you do. xo ~d.


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