My College Bucket List [ 11 days to go ]

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

an ongoing list of things i must do before I graduate 
& leave this amazing place.
i'll be updating and crossing off the list as I go...

Skinny dip in the river
Participate in a campus riot  
(incredibly emotional to see hundreds of students united, celebrating and sharing in our patriotism last night)
-  Go sailing to the (not so hidden) hidden beach
-  Have a midnight picnic on the roof of my studio
One last bonfire at The Point
- Walk to the Door (our one bar)
Go Streaking
(I might probably won't do this one, but I feel like any college bucket list wouldn't be complete without it :)
7 Wonders tour of my College 
(a celebration of 7 iconic spots on campus, including a "shoe tree")
-  One game of Frisbee Golf

1 thoughts:

  1. i graduated from k-state in 2004. i am old. one of my fave memories is riding my bike on campus. the fresh air on my face made me happy.


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