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Friday, May 27, 2011

one year ago I was about to embark on a journey that i had no idea would change my life for forever.  my best friend and I headed to Ghana for what we expected to be an amazing story, a cool experience working in an orphanage for the month of June.  we were not prepared when we were dropped off at an orphanage in the middle of a crisis.  we were suddenly responsible for moving an entire orphanage of 70 children across town, managing money of previous volunteers, and installing electricity and running water in a dilapidated, abandoned school, while caring for 70 children with the help of one aging woman.  it was exhausting, emotionally and physically, and I wish I could do it all over again.

with all my heart, i miss the stench of urine and sweat, the smiles and tears, the hugs and kisses, the laughter and the breakdowns, the amazing friends we met on the journey, and the lives of these little ones that have changed me for ever.

a year later, looking back at the experience, I am in awe of just how clueless i was to what laid ahead of me,  the lifelong friendships we made through this incredible journey we shared and the pain in my heart that still yearns for the children i will likely never see again.

I hope one day i can return, and perhaps take a few babies home with me, but it the meantime I just live vicariously through Katie.  i urge you to take a look at her blog, its absolutely phenomenal.

I am so blessed. to be able to travel, and see the world.  to have electricity and running water. and to be able to currently be in california visiting friends and about to head to the beach.

new pics and posts about my most recent travels will be up soon, when i return on sunday, most likely.  but to say the least, i may never leave :)

4 thoughts:

  1. okay i adore you. this is amazing. i love the pic of them doing your hair. SO SWEET

  2. I love this. Would love to know more about what organization you went through. Something I am considering doing. :)

  3. Oh how exciting...I was in Uganda doing the same thing late last year. So nice to meet you out here in the blogosphere.


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