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Monday, May 30, 2011

This past week I had the incredible opportunity to travel to California to visit two of my friends who were living out there for the month of May.  It was my first time on the west coast, and my first time ever touching the Pacific Ocean!
  We were in Pacific Beach, just outside of San Diego.
I got to learn the difference between seals and sea lions... seals flop around like awkward fish on land, and sea lions have bigger arms to support them... (I think these are seals :)
Only in California will you find dogs with pink and blue mohawks :)
The water was freezing!  But the waves were out of control... I chickened out with surfing.  But watch out, I'm beast on the boogie board.
I finally got to read Water for Elephants.  On the plane ride home I nearly finished it in 6 hours...
so... I guess it was pretty good :)

Happy Memorial Day Lovelies!  Thank you so much to our troops and all those who have devoted their lives to protecting our freedom.  My friend who I was visiting in California dates  a Navy boy, a Naval Academy graduate stationed in San Diego, so we spent a lot of time with his friends.  I've never really known anyone in the military, but these guys were so nice, and just honestly some of the most quality men I've ever met.  I'm glad our country's security is in such good hands :)

Headed to the pool later today with my little sisters, (definitely not adjusted back to this 90 degrees and humidity thing yet).  Hope everyone enjoys their day off!

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