7 Moments of [ Bliss ]

Saturday, May 21, 2011



1. Perfect happiness; great joy.
2. Something providing such happiness.

- realizing that despite my fear of change, i'm surprisingly comfortable in this crazy transition into the real world.
- feeling at home, even when i'm homeless
- walks down daffodil valley with my best friends
- getting random texts reminiscing on the memories
of the good ol' days (a few weeks ago :)
- packing for my trip to california
(my first time ever on the west coast!)
- waiting all year for my favorite flower to bloom,
ooh peonies, you get me every time...


- all my blog friends i've made in the past few months,
and opening my eyes to this new world of beautiful people i never knew existed.

i love these types of posts because its easy for me to just overlook these moments of happiness and let them pass by, but this gives me a chance to really just sit and be immersed in the little things that bring me joy.  we need to appreciate these moments, always.

2 thoughts:

  1. These kinds of posts are also a favorite of mine. You're right.. it's so easy to overlook moments. Sitting down and just having timeout and list what you're grateful for is definitely a good habit to have :)

    Enjoy your trip to California! It's absolutely beautiful. Get out to the beach.. preferably out North of LA. Those beaches are too often overlook and much more secluded and beautiful, I think anyway.

    Big dinosaur hugs,
    Sisilia - http://twonerdsinapod.blogspot.com

  2. i'm with you, girl. savoring moments of happiness are the best!!


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