Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My boyfriend and I spent the day with his parents, traveling the county and discovering hidden gems, which even after 4 years of living down here, we had never been to.  It's funny when you think about just how sheltered our little college campus is...

My boyfriend will be moving after graduation to this GORGEOUS farm along the Potomac River.  The pictures really can't do it justice, and it's hard to believe that it even exists.  I was even hesitant to post about because I feel like I'm ruining this precious little secret, but it's just so beautiful I can't help it. It's an absolute dream from the eighteenth century, that has since been converted into a little community of people that all pitch in and help keep up the place.  My boyfriend will be living in an old barn that is converted into an adorable little loft (the last picture). 

The beauty is so inspirational, and I can't wait to come visit and spend my days painting by the water :)

1 thoughts:

  1. painting by the water sounds so amazing right now. these pictures are gorgeous, too.

    i have 5 min left, but i still wanna wish you a happy easter anyways :)


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