What a Week!

Monday, April 25, 2011

In-progress Install Shot, my little corner :)
So these pictures aren't great... I'm going in this afternoon to get my official install shots.  But I couldn't wait any longer.  This past week my show opened, displaying the work from my entire last year.  Here's a little blurb to help you better understand what I've been working on in my other life...

"At a time when our lives have become staged photo opportunities to be posted on Facebook, saved as screensavers, or tacked to our dorm room walls, I am ever intrigued by the way we recall our history.  In a world so dominated by imagery, where do our memories fit?  Which are more honest, more tangible, more everlasting?  After discovering family snapshots taken of a time I can no longer remember, before the death of my brother Avery, I am most disturbed by the disjunction between this parallel history of images that exist separate from my memory.  My work this past year has set out to reconcile this disconnection, creating a world in which these artifacts of my history can co-exist, while challenging and questioning their fleeting nature. "  

This week has been surreal, and it's finally setting in that I'm so close to the finish line.  Today is the the start of the last week of classes and the last Monday of my college career!  Only 19 days left until graduation!  

Thank you everyone for your support and patience, especially my friends and family who have been a shoulder to cry on and an ear to vent to, throughout this stressful, emotional, and rewarding experience!

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