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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

as my time here at the cottage winds down, I've realized a couple things about myself --

I like "me" time.  It's been ten days of pretty much complete isolation, minus a few visits with my Mr. and my mom, and I am surprisingly still sane (I think ;) Being alone doesn't bother me, as I have, for the first time, even enjoyed several meals out on the town by myself - there is a certain therapeutic quality to be able to sit in silence and just savor every bite.

Similarly, I cherish my alone time in my studio.  Just me and a canvas, such heaven.

Yet, these past ten days I have also realized that I am so desperately seeking a local community of artists.  Prior to moving back to my hometown in January, I was working at an art gallery, surrounded by artists and like-minded people. While I covet the opportunity to paint full-time, it's been a lonely progression as I emptily search for that same sense of culture and inspiration within Hagerstown.

I am probably one of the most competitive people you'll ever meet -- just come see me at our "friendly" kickball games ;)  And when it comes to art, I really do need a certain competition with other artists to continue to push me.  Not in a - "I'm a better artist than you", but in a "oh, wait, you've spent everyday in the studio this week?! I really need to step up my game!"sort of way.  That drive is one of the things that got me through the rigorous demands of my senior year of art school- I don't think I appreciated sharing a community studio space with 6 other incredibly talented artist/students nearly as much as I should have. 

But now that I am seemingly so very alone, I am seeking to strengthen a culture and community of artists within this town.  A real live group to meet and chat and push one another.  Not to mention that I do have an extra room in the studio I would LOVE to share with a fellow artist -- to help keep me accountable in the studio and challenge me.

It's rare times like these, I do wish I was closer to the city, any city.  But nevertheless, here I am, and hopeful for what Hagerstown could one day become.  And in the meantime, I will continue to hold on to the community of amazing artists and blogs I have found online.

So to sum up all this rambling... if you happen to be an artist in the Hagerstown/Frederick/DC area that would be interested in getting together to for a quasi-support group for artists, and/or in search of studio space, e-mail me! amaryllistruth [at] gmail.com

For those not local, what artists in the blog-o-sphere keep you motivated and inspired?

2 thoughts:

  1. 100% Tara & Kathleen over at Braid Creative are always inspiring me. Especially Kathleen: she's just so darn passionate about everything she does! (http://www.braidcreative.com/)

  2. so many inspiring artists on the web! it's much harder to find them in person, but i hope you do. we all need a kick in the pants sometimes. :)


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