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Monday, February 25, 2013

six weeks into my new studio, (sorta) new town, and new life.

I'm a creature of habit, so establishing a new routine and regular studio hours have been top priority.  It seems every day is a bit different with life managing to get in the way.

 But my favorite days look like this...

I start the day with one splurge...
I know I should be saving every penny (and for the most part, I do) but I can't go without an indulgent latte once or twice a week.  Especially on days I need an extra push to get out of bed.  Days I'm not sipping on espresso, I've been trying to make more green smoothies. (my favorite: greek yogurt, o.j. spinach, frozen raspberries+ blueberries + banana)

I've also been making an effort to be more intentional with my time, both in and out of my studio.  With a wedding on the horizon, I've been making uncharacteristic trips to the gym.  But I don't hate it ;)  I'm trying to find the perfect balance between pilates (my favorite!) and some weight lifting to help tone up.

Once in the studio, I pop on Pandora or Netflix, and then tackle my to-do list.

My weekly painting routine is still relatively similar to what it was while I had my part-time job.  I let my first day back in the studio (usually Mondays) be my fun days where I start a new painting, experiment a bit, and let go.  I work on any commissions later in the week once I'm well into the studio groove, unless there are any projects particularly pressing.

watercolor sketching
At the end of each day I like to review my to-do list... make sure any urgent e-mails are responded to, blog a little if I'm feeling especially inspired, and photograph any finished pieces.  This recap helps me turn off work mode when I go home, knowing that I've accomplished everything I needed to.  I still tend to scatter written lists all over my studio/car/everywhere, so I've been trying my best to streamline them a bit using the app Teux Deux, on my MacBook and iPhone.  I love being able to cross off each item, and I appreciate that anything I don't get to, the app automatically carries over to the next day.  I also use iCal to schedule meetings and appointments, and set goal deadlines. 

Friday is my day to tie up any loose ends... I typically do all my shipping on Fridays, as well as listing any new pieces online.

It's been an adjustment to have a wide open schedule, completely in my hands.  And, I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss having certain "obligations" that I used to dread.  Keeping a regular (as possible) schedule has helped a bit, but I hope to volunteer weekly at my local (and total hidden gem) art museum to keep some structure in my weekly schedule, and get introduced to the local art community. It's amazing to me that despite being born and raised in this little town, after leaving for 6 years for college and life after, it is now all totally foreign to me and completely outside of my comfort zone.

Slowly but surely, I'm adjusting and embracing all these changes.  I think ;)

5 thoughts:

  1. How nice to come across your beautiful blog (and art), I especially love seeing your watercolour sketches in process... I'm reading from Paris, France - though I'm originally from Australia. My husband and I (and baby boy) are here in creative ministry and both artists (he in painting and digital art, me in storytelling/illustrating)... And on the subject of change - I have this beautiful reflection in our bathroom with the beginning lines "trust in the slow work of God..." truly, His work in us is often slow, and sometimes uncomfortable, but it is worth it in the long run.. Bless you!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Is that quote a verse? Exactly what I needed this morning :)

      Just visited your site, and I am so jealous of your Paris abodes! I was reading your "about" page and just kept thinking, YES, YES, YES! My favorite (and most used paint color) is prussian blue! And my fiance is an organic farmer, and we too hope to one day own our farm, with my painting studio near by.

      Thank you again!

  2. Your work is so beautiful! I have been following for a few months now and just love hearing about your studio work and your creative process. If I wasn't a photographer, I'd wish I could be a painter...maybe in another life! :) xoxo

    1. Kaylan, thank you!

      Since starting this blog, I've had the chance to "pretend" to be a photographer ;) But I definitely envy you!

      I just visited your blog, and LOVE your 30 paintings. What a great idea, I think I might have to give that a try!

      Thank you for following!

  3. Great post! Just stumbled across your blog, your art work is beautiful =)


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