a look back [ 2012 ]

Monday, December 31, 2012

this year has been one of THE greatests.

In February, I participated in my first artist residency, as part of the Living Gallery at Annmarie Garden in Solomons, MD.  I set up my studio in the gallery, and had two whole weeks of (relatively) uninterrupted painting time.  I went into it feeling discouraged, unfocused, and altogether unsure of my future.  I had even began looking at art history grad programs, envisioning myself as a future gallery girl (EEK. glad, I dodged that bullet ;)  But it turned out to be an unexpected and absolutely delightful experience to reconnect with my studio practice, receive some much needed encouragement from fellow resident artists and patrons, and really helped me realize my goals for my future.

In March, still riding the living gallery high, I moved my "studio" out of my loft, and rented my first studio space and began preparing to re-open my online shop. 

In May, I launched Amaryllis Truth Studio through Big Cartel, with so many kind words and such a warm reception.  Since the launch, I have reached a few major milestones and been honored to work some very major clients. 

In July, I gave Amaryllis Truth Studio a much needed branding makeover.  Still thrilled with the results, and so in love with my Blog Milk blogger template.

In October, this little gem of a moment happened...

.... Mark and I are now planning a May 2014 wedding :)

In November, Mark moved to Edinburg, VA to apprentice on an intensive grazing organic livestock farm for the year.  He has since been promoted to Production Manager! (sorry, had to brag on my fiance for a bit ;)  Our plan is to begin leasing land and start our own farm in 2014 once his commitment as manager ends, and he's soaked up every bit of knowledge he can.

In December, I had my first solo show in Leonardtown, Maryland.  Such a great experience, and a delight to meet people face to face- quite a change of pace from my usual online interactions.  So thankful for everyone who helped make it a reality!

AND, as of January 1st, I've moved back to my hometown, Hagerstown, Maryland, closer to Mark, and into a new studio.  Can't wait to post some before and after pics of the transformation! (chalkboard wall, anyone?)

Oh, and I'm a FULL-TIME artist! (which is frightening and exhilarating all at the same time -- kinda like sky diving, I suppose? Just hoping I land on my feet ;)

packing up the old studio. with my helper.

a few of the most popular posts from this year:
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the new look Amaryllis Truth Studio branding transformation.
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I cannot thank you all enough for your encouragement throughout this journey.  I really could not be here today without your support.  I have BIG plans for Amaryllis Truth Studio in 2013, and so excited to keep this momentum going! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

and Happy New Year!!

5 thoughts:

  1. Congratulations on a fabulous 2012!
    I'm excited to watch Amaryllistruth continue to grow in 2013!

  2. Hi Allie- I just found your work (and consequently, your blog) via a long string of clicks that started at Pinterest. I am really inspired by your art and hope that maybe I can afford to hang a piece in my home one day :) For now, I'm happily following along on your blog! Ally

    1. Ally, thank you so much for your kind words! Ya gotta love Pinterest!

      I truly appreciate these comments, they are such a big part of what keeps me going! (them, and a whole lotta coffee)

      Hope all is well, keep in touch!

      (p.s. love your name ;)

  3. Big congratulations! I truly enjoy your blog and adore your work. Even though I can't get a piece at this point in my life, I hope to do so sometime in the future.

    Please keep up the amazing work... your life seems so full of delight. Happy 2013!


    1. Thank you so much! I am in such a joyful place in my life (yet, it definitely has its challenging/frustrating/disappointing moments/days, sometimes, too.)

      Thank you for following!


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