a whirlwind.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I started to write a post about how absolutely nuts my past week has been. 

about how many things have been slipping through the cracks.
about the laundry that so badly needs to be washed. 
about my ever-evolving job situation (when it rains, it pours- but in a good way).
about the all the painting I needed to do, but didn't this week.

but then I stopped. 
and held down backspace for a very long time. 
because frankly, it was only stressing me out more.

instead, I am going to sit here content, as the pup and the boy sleep soundly, and simply relish in the one brief moment my internet (knock on wood) is actually working.

while tomorrow is Wednesday, smacked dab in the middle of just another crazy week, I am going to refresh this page, and start all over. this time organized... hopefully.

p.s. oh, and I have a job interview in the morning (sends prayers -this- way!)

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