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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

over the year, this blog has most certainly evolved, taking many different shapes. 

today, it's come full circle as I use it for a place to share my work, inspiration, and deepest passion.

The name, Amaryllis Truth, for my studio and blog, was inspired by two very special people in my life:

Amaryllis Truth

Mary, my dear mom, who has alway been so incredibly supportive and encouraging, even after I told her I wanted to major in Art :) And a beautiful little girl named Ruth.  I met Ruth and her little brother, Bless, in Ghana during the summer of 2010, when my best friend and I spent a month volunteering in an orphanage.  She stole my heart like I never expected, and while I may never get the chance to see her again, this blog is my little tribute to her.

&& i appreciate every single follower and comment, so if you are new to AT feel free to leave a little piece of you behind :)

meet allie

i'm the person behind the blog, and a recent graduate from St. Mary's College of MD, with a degree in Art and Art History. I've spent this past year doing a whole 'lotta soul-searching and growing enough courage and clarity to find and follow my passion.  I'm an oil painter.

after graduation, i moved in with my boyfriend into an adorable little loft apartment in a converted sheep barn on the river.  we've been together for 5 years, and have known each other since second grade. our life these past few months has been pretty stinking adorable, i have to admit... living the romantic dream of being a starving artist and aspiring organic farmer, on an amazing piece of land with our child puppy, Lena.

i LOVE living in a place that amazes me and inspires me every single day.


Amaryllis Truth Studio will be my full-time career one day, i am just sure of it.  in the meantime i am continuing to learn so much about myself as an artist and person, and slowly (but, surely) create my dream job.

Thank you all so much for coming along for the ride!

3 thoughts:

  1. i LOVE your blog! im always excited when a notification pops up! haha my blog has evolved also...i think that what you blog about reflects your passions and personality at that time in your life. you sound so cute with your boyfriend! 5 years!?! i have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and it has seemed like a long time oh and your loft sounds perfect! my dreamhouse!!! seriously! i cant wair to see what you have created for your new shop!

  2. just found your blog. i love it :) can't wait to read more!

  3. This is very inspirational. I too have started a blog that is documenting my life and journey to a craft tent next summer. It's sort of my way to hold myself accountable. I am finding that the online handmade community is amazing, and just what I want to be a part of one day. I am a senior in Art Education at UW Stout, and find it very inspirational what you are doing right out of college. My boyfriend and I have been together for seven years next March, so I find a lot of similarities in our stories, which makes me want to see more from you! Glad I found your blog via Gussy Sews to much love illy, and then to you. A chain of events I don't find so coincidental. Have a beautiful day!


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