5 Things that Make Me [ Smile ]

Thursday, June 9, 2011

1.My only tattoo (which is very subtle, and kinda hard to see in this photo)... I got it on my 18th birthday, it says my brother's name, avery, in white ink.
2. My morning Almond Joy coffee in my BEAUTIFUL handcrafted mug (by an artist from my home town)
3. Finally getting my skin in check, and being comfortable wearing NO makeup out in PUBLIC! (Big step for me, and so liberating!)
4. Cooking DELICIOUS meals for my Italian boy...
In my itty-bitty kitchenette : 2 burners, no oven (oh, the things you can do with a toaster oven :)

& last, but not least...
5. Looking forward to the weekend, and visiting with good ol' college and high school friends at home :)

I'm off work today... running errands, shopping for vegetable plants at cute farmer stands, and hiding out in my school's library using the internet...
it's a public library, so I don't really need to hide... but it's SUPER weird being here as an outsider...

Tomorrow I start my full-time job working at an art gallery/sculpture garden (eek!!) and then will be going home for the weekend to visit with friends and attend a couple grad parties... and hopefully satisfy my college withdrawal :)

Have a great day!  And remember to focus on the things that make YOU smile!

6 thoughts:

  1. how cute is this post! ahhh I'm newly living with my boy too (as we discussed) and boy is it an adventure!!

    BEAUTIFUL skin how fun to NOT WEAR MAKE UP!!!

    <3 <3 <3

    and the tattoo?? how amazing I've never seen white ink before, definitely considering get another tattoo done in the white ink--thanks for showing this to us!

  2. just became obsessed with wanting a white tatoo

  3. Funny thing- I just tried Almond Joy creamer at my friend's house...in a mug she made on her potter's wheel...and she is from our home town.

    I love that our town has multiple potters, and I adore your tatoo...and that rarely happens for me. So special.

  4. love that white tattoo!! if i wasn't so afraid of needles, i'd consider getting one - i love it!!

    p.s. you are so pretty!

  5. Love your white tattoo also. Curious about the longevity of these. You say you got it when you were 18, mind if I ask how long ago that was? <3

    1. Thanks Chas! It's been 4 years. They do recommend touching it up eventually, but so far I haven't felt the need.


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