[ What I Wore Wednesday ] No. 2

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This past week was a doozy... culminating with graduation on Saturday.

Thursday night was our "Gala", which is essentially prom for college, but a little less formal, with lots of food and (unlike high school) lots of (legal) drinks (please excuse the red cup :).  These pictures aren't the greatest, but I LOVED my outfit (even though it all came together ridiculously last minute despite months of planning) so I wanted to share it with you for "What I Wore"....
Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Michael Kors, Marshalls

Also.... my boyfriend and I are seriously incapable of taking good pictures together.  Inevitably, one of us will be blinking, or cheesing way too hard, or just looking all together a mess.  But finally, FINALLY we got a good one! (See above :)

2 thoughts:

  1. aw you both are so cute!

    and you, my dear look gorgeous! like model-gorgeous!!! love your outfit, too.

  2. so stinkn' adorable! i love your whole ensemble!



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