[ Spring Break ] Key West 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

So as I am lying in bed, attempting to recover from the past five days of absolute craziness, I've realized 5 things...

1.  we never did get a piece of key lime pie
2.  i managed to leave without losing anything (i think) or getting my nose pierced (ha)
3.  even if i wear 50 spf, i will still get burnt (and more freckles)
4.  i didn't take enough pictures... so typical  
5.  i will definitely go back one day

I can't begin to describe how fun.beautiful.romantic.delicious.overwhelming this spring break experience really was.  As my first, and last true college spring break it certainly satisfied every expectation, and then some.  About 40 kids from my school came down, including my roommates and boyfriend, and it was as if we had just relocated my college right into paradise.

My favorite people, in my new favorite place.  
It was just perfect.

Our adorable little inn

So yeah, sadly these are really the only half decent photos I have... but I'm anxiously anticipating being tagged in tons on facebook (i hope none are too outrageously embarassing :)

1 thoughts:

  1. Hi Allie, I use spf 100 from Neutrogena, as well as their spf 110 for the face! It works! It looks like you had fun on spring break, but how could you not while basking in the beautiful tropical sunshine :)


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