Six Confessions

Friday, February 18, 2011

I was inspired to do this by Katie... 
Who am I?
(in six confessions)

1.  I'm mildy obsessed to vinegar.  Apple Cider is my favorite.  Not sure exactly when/how my love affair began, but is it possible to have a condiment as your favorite food?  My favorite is to soak deliciously sweet, freshly picked MD crab meat in it.  Oh yummm.... is it summer yet??

2.  My guilty pleasure that I'm most embarrassed by is my addiction to reality tv.  Jersey Shore... Teen Mom... any Real Housewives.  It's ridiculous, and awful, but also shamefully fascinating.

3.  My life's goal is to become a morning person.

4.  My other goal is be able to return to the Ghanaian orphanage I spent my past summer working in.  I miss those beautiful babies so, I'm tearing up just thinking about them.  One day I want to have a house full of adopted children. 

5.  When I'm not painting fabric for Amaryllis Truth, I'm an art student in my last semester of school.  I focus on portraiture.  I love home decor, but I equally love the challenge of recreating a person, a moment, a soul.

6. I'm desperately scared of change.  Yet, equally excited for what the future brings... if I can get out of my own way and let good things happen.

What are your six confessions?

1 thoughts:

  1. Ahhh.
    I could drink tea for England, but i'm British after all...
    I'm also in my last semester of university however i study art history.
    I can't wait to see what life holds and where it might take me.
    I would love to be more confident in my practise as an artist.
    My dream job would be to set up a shop, gallery and studio to aid and support up and coming artists.
    And lastly...I'm glad i popped by your blog!
    ps. vinegar is good for hiccups :)


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