a birthday

Thursday, March 21, 2013

it was my love's 24th birthday yesterday, and we were able to spend it doing absolutely nothing. It was perfect.  Mark was able to take the day off from his farming duties and come home to spend the day with his girls :)

On our birthdays, we get to do whatever we want -- with no complaining from the other person.  (My birthday usually consists of a coffee date and lots of thrifting.)  Yesterday we drove the country side (one of our favorite things), daydreaming and making plans for our future farm and had lots of family cuddles.  I love that man, and can't wait for us to be together everyday.


On the painting front, I'm in the middle of my next series, and am going to *try* my best to wait to share any peeks until I have all the pieces finished.  Yeah, good luck, with that.  But for now, no pictures.  But think big! (I'm currently working on a piece thats 3' x 4'! -- and yes, they are not square!)

Happy Spring everyone!  

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  1. Oh that sounds amazing! I think my perfect date would be exactly like yours- coffee and thrifting. But I think if my husband went with me he'd just follow me around the store stepping on my heels, anxious to leave. So...I usually take a girl friend. :)


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