Monday, December 17, 2012

I've tried to write this post at least 4 times over the weekend, hindered by a loss for words and blurred by uncontrollable tears.  I'm not sure how you return to life as usual, while 27 families and the nation are suffering from indescribable loss. 

I lost my brother when he was in first grade, just a few weeks away from his 7th birthday.  His dreams, hopes (and even more so, my family's dreams for him) all lost in a split second.  I feel like I can share a fraction of what these families are now facing in the months, years ahead as they try to cope and understand why this happened, why they had to say goodbye so soon.  I hope they find comfort in knowing one day they will reunite with their tiny angels, and that for whatever it is worth, they have the love and warmth of an entire nation surrounding them.

I don't have any children of my own yet, but I know I will surely hug my little brothers and sisters a bit tighter when I see them in a week.

And as I sit here in my local coffee shop writing this, a class of first graders and parents just walked in to share some joy and handmade gifts.  Oh, the tears...

"Many are asking, 'Who can show us any good?' Let the Light of your face shine upon us, O Lord." Psalm 4:6

Have a beautiful day everyone, and find peace and priorities during this chaotic holiday season :)

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  1. sorry for your loss as well. i can only imagine what they are going through. so sad. great verse for times like these.


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