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Thursday, September 27, 2012

the look of this blog and my shop have evolved quite a bit over the past year and a half since it all started.  It's been challenging (but also a bit cathartic) to figure out my branding identity, as I'm simultaneously trying to find my identity as an artist.  I think both have helped shape each other, and just like my painting, my brand will likely be a constantly, ever-evolving project. 

Pinterest of course has been my favorite place to find and collect inspirational images.  ( Visit my DESIGN + TYPOGRAPHY board for more of my inspiration that has helped shape my identity, and links for the images below. )

I am certainly no graphic designer, 

but a few things I have learned along the way...

(learned usually by trial and error, mind you) 

- TIMELESS. Try to avoid trendy fonts (every trend eventually turns into a taboo- a la Comic Sans, circa 1997) I've recently updated my logo to include my own handwritten signature, something that I know will not go out of style.

- CLEAN. While I love a good hand-written, scripty font,  they are often too hard to read once you shrink it down to a smaller size (such as for small button advertisements on blogs)  Try to choose a clean, bolder typeface that translates well at all sizes.

- CONTRAST. Especially for more delicate fonts, use high contrast colors to have your logo pop.

- SIMPLE. and complimentary. Because your logo image will be often near your work, choose a design that will compliment but not distract from your own work- nothing too elaborate or flashy that would compete.

- CONSISTENCY. the most successful brands are those that are the most consistent. use the same logo EVERYWHERE. beyond your logo, be conscious of how your tweets/fb status updates/blog posts reflect your brand.  I'm still working on this part, but I try to be consistent by being as honest as possible.  I am my brand, and I think (hope) the more of myself I put out there, the more my personality/style will show through and tie everything together.

Any tips that I'm missing here? (I know this is just the tip of the iceberg and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few)

My latest challenge has been finding a solution to streamline my name with Amaryllis Truth Studio, the name of my blog.  I started my blog as its own entity, long before I knew where I would be today, before I even thought I would have the confidence to work towards becoming a full-time artist.  But now as an artist, I think it makes the most sense to market my name, Allie Snyder, as my brand... but  I also don't want to abandon what started all of this in the first place.  I don't think I want to eliminate Amaryllis Truth altogether, but as you will see in my shop header, I am making Allie Snyder more prevalent.  

Artists/designers out there, what are your thoughts on the matter?  I know many swear by only using your name as your business name- but I'm less convinced.

But all in all, I think I am finally content with my branding... at least for the moment ;)

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