Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've been computer-less and camera-less the past few days, and desperately itching to share an update with my most recent work!  finally, today, the stars aligned- I found my lost camera battery charger and was able to borrow a computer charger from a dear friend, and just like that, my life is whole again.  (isn't it the worse feeling ever when every gadget you own is dying or dead? - seriously, makes me cringe! When my battery life is full, my life is complete ;)

I've been feeling blue lately, Prussian blue, to be exact (my favorite color these days).  I've been dabbling with this piece a bit the past month, unsure of where it was going.  Today, I just stopped thinking and let myself feel my way through it, without any pressure or expectations of how it was suppose to turn out.

I even flipped it upside down at the last second because... well, because I could, and because (as arbitrary as it sounds) it felt like the right thing for the piece.  What do you think?  I'm considering wiring it so that it could be hung either way... that would be a fun, easy way to mix up your space a bit (like rearranging furniture... which I'm only slightly addicted to ;)

I've titled it, Prism, and it is on 24" x 30" canvas - a little deviation from my typical square canvases,  and a bit more abstract than any of my previous work by letting go of any resemblance of a horizon line. I am totally diggin' it. 

Visit my shop here, or click on the "Available Works" link on the left to check out a few other paintings I've recently added to the shop.

I also did some re-organizing of the blog today, introducing a new link on the sidebar- Portfolio.  You can take a peek into my past life as a portrait artist and my undergraduate work.

Hope everyone is soaking up the last fleeting moments of summer... the sun is setting earlier and earlier, cool mornings, and boots. yum :)

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  1. I'm just getting to know your work.. i adore it... i will be back on here...:-)



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