Wednesday, August 15, 2012

 there have been a lot of all three these past few weeks.

yes, I'm alive- hanging on by a thread, but alive.  I promise I've tried to sit down and write a post at least 12 times... but nothing but mindless jumble comes out.  The past few weeks have been trying, between traveling and work (and teaching a week long preschool art camp, CRAZINESS).

But, I'm eager to have the chaos of summer behind me, fall back into my work/studio/life routine,
and try to reassemble some sense of balance that I did have for a few fleeting moments.
More than anything, I'm excited to finally finish up my latest few pieces and commissions.
I hate loose ends.

Today, I'm in my studio, and then celebrating SIX years since my handsome boy asked this awkward, nervous, lovestruck girl if she wanted to be his girlfriend, officially. I said yes, and the rest is... well, ya know ;)

Hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer.  Beyond ready for my favorite season, and pumpkin spice everything :)

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