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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

last night, I found myself in the emergency room until 2 in the morning, with an inch long needle being shoved into my knee in attempt to relieve some of the swelling that had taken over the lower half of my left leg.  much to the doctor's chagrin, despite his determined, incredibly painful prodding, no fluid was drained (apparently it's just inflamed, not completely infected).  But they did send me home with a spiffy set of crutches, a prescription for antibiotics, and a doctor's order to stay of my feet for the next few days.

while that kind of sucked, today turned out way more pleasant.  my saint of a boyfriend took off work to care for me, which also gave us the perfect opportunity to finally have a whole day off work together- the first time in nearly a month.  we drove the countryside, daydreaming of what our future farm may one day look like.  and I was once again reminded that we live in a ridiculously beautiful corner of the world.

it has been just about a year since I graduated, left the comforts of our beautifully isolated little campus on the river, moved in with my boyfriend into an adorable barn on another river, and started this so-called real life thing.  (I can't believe I'm going to say this, coming from the girl who has had a life plan since 7th grade, but...) I think the most exciting part is having not a clue where we will be a year from now.  I think I'm ready for it, whatever it may be :)

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  1. Beautiful! Isn't MD the best. Just discovered your blog and love it!


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