Saturday, March 17, 2012

Okay. After a lot of time spent deliberating, Amaryllis Truth Studio - the blog, is back (and with a bit of a face lift :)

These past few months have been a blur, or perhaps a quarter-life crisis. But long story short, after a lot of soul-searching I suppose I've arrived right back were I was all along.

I'm meant to be an artist.

But in my dream world I would love to have a career working on both sides of the art business - creating the art and curating it. I really do enjoy both. So for now, I 'm going to do my best to try to balance the two, as I have just accepted a job working in a gallery about two hours away, working there part-time and staying with a friend for a few nights a week, and then spending the other half of my time in my other life, down here with the boy and the pup, painting away. It sounds a bit crazy. But I'm going for it.

On the exciting news front, I have my first real studio! (see above:) I had a studio my senior year of college, but this time I'm the one writing the rent check. EEK. Talk about pressure. It sat empty for the past two weeks. After I wrote the first rent check, I had no money left to buy canvas. Ha, poor, poor planning. But nevertheless, after a bit of delay, the canvases are on their way and I am eager to get in there and get back to work.

I also have a new series of work I am INCREDIBLY excited to share with ya'll. It's currently on exhibit at a local gallery through the end of April, but I'll be posting a few photos soon.  For a sneak peek check out my new blog button over there ==>

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

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