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Saturday, September 24, 2011

it's no secret, if you know me (and my wardrobe), that I love blue.  hence, the 6 hues of paint I use often.  each is subtly different in itself, and has a greater impact and influence when mixed or juxtaposed with other colors...

here's a glimpse of my process, and my latest painting,  I carry your heart (a la, e.e. cummings, and my favorite poem :)

I'll probably play around with the high-and-low-lights a bit more (the dilemma of never truly being finished with a work, when you have your studio in your one room studio loft apartment and can never just walk away from a painting...), let it dry, and then photograph it for my Etsy.

it's been a rainy and dreary week, but I've sorta loved every minute of it.  it just makes everything and everybody quieter, and I revel in it.  not to mention, falling rain is my favorite sound to paint to...

how has your week been, friend?

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