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Thursday, August 25, 2011

inspiration for more paintings :)

  i'm currently in, what i would like to call, freakout.panic.paintinglikeamadwoman.anxious.incrediblyexcited mode for the opening of Amaryllis Truth Studio's Etsy, September 1st.  below is sneak peak of pieces that are mostly finished (still have a few little touches and highlights to add) that will be in the store.  i might have been slightly ambitious with my September 1st deadline, but i'm kinda loving all the pressure... its like school all over again... ahh, those were the days :)

this week i started working part-time & painting.  im still trying to work out the kinks in my new schedule, figure out a routine and how/when i work best. 

my recent work is centered primarily on skyscapes.  i've fallen in love with this new subject matter as it allows me to play with all the subtleties of the barely-there colors i adore.

the past year at school i worked on a year long project focused on painting childhood photographs of my brother and i.  it was incredibly conceptual, and so emotionally draining (and rewarding) that by the end of it i was just so exhausted, i really needed this summer to step away and allow myself to paint simply beautiful pictures. (in art school "beautiful" or "pretty" were forbidden words) so for now at least, i am just painting what makes me happy, inspired by our new home, and i hope you will enjoy it too :)

2 thoughts:

  1. These are lovely (hope that's not a forbidden word!) My son and I were just talking about clouds today... they are indeed, a wonderful subject.

  2. It's official. I'm obsessed with your blog.


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