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Friday, March 25, 2011

I LOVE products. I love the possibility that with one simple sweep of a brush or dab of a serum all of my problems could be gone (I love the word serum, it sounds so scientific, like the secret antidote to all of my issues). But who am I kidding... sorry to crush any dreams out there, but that miracle pill just doesn't exist. I am, however, still slowly learning this lesson and trying to weed out the empty promises from the hidden gems, while realizing that usually the less I do, the better.

If I could have 8 jobs, one of them would most definitely be a make-up artist. Currently, one of my biggest goals is to perfect the naked face.  And,  I want my look to not only look effortless, but be as effortless as possible. Not to mention, for as much as I love make-up, my boyfriend equally hates it. He hates the time it takes, the money it costs, and the fact that the more I wear, the less he can see my freckles.

So I'll share my few little beauty secrets (although, I'm not sure how much of a secret they really are) and show what works for me.

Background: I have sensitive/dry fair skin, and fine, but thick, wavy hair.

Products I'm Loving:

1.  The Body Shop: Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser
My skin tends to break out the more I fuss with it, so this cleanser is perfect because it is super gentle, yet removes my make-up like a pro.

2.  Bare Escentuals:  Bare Minerals Foundation
Again, one of the only foundations I've found that doesn't make my skin break out.  I'm scared of liquid foundation (not exactly sure why) so this is a great alternative without leaving me matte and dry like normal powder.  I love having a "glow", PLUS it has SPF 15. I use this foundation as my concealer too, and I use their "Well Rested" powder to conceal any undereye circles, and brighten my face.

My house down at school has awful, sulfur-y water and dries my hair (and skin) something awful.  I use this just once a week to help my hair bounce back.  It makes it soft, shiny, and smell AMAZING.

4.  Covergirl: Lash Blast Mascara
This is my tried and true mascara.  I use both the regular and waterproof (depending on circumstance) and it never disappoints.  Besides bad eyebrows, one of my other pet peeves is gross, clumpy eyelashes.  I never have to worry when I use this product.  Since I'm blonde,  I usually go with the Black Brown shade. 

5.  The Body Shop:  Tea Tree Oil
Thank you Charlotte, NC Airport Body Shop Sales Associate.  She was an excellent sales lady and persuaded me to try this to treat my break-outs.  It's amazing!  I love that it is effective, AND free of any harsh chemicals.  Since my skin is dry and sensitive, all over acne washes just makes my skin worse, so this is great to just spot treat my occasional random break-outs.

What are your favorite products? 


2 thoughts:

  1. I'm going to have to try this tea tree oil- thanks for the suggestion!!

  2. yeah it's really good!

    I'm usually all about the Proactiv and serious stuff like that, but sooo many chemicals. And who knows what their effects will be later down the road...


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